E-gurus Founder

Innovation Guru

Success is for those willing to take risks. That doesn’t mean the risks must be taken blindfolded. One of the reasons I’m passionate about Digital Marketing is that unlike traditional advertising, every result is measurable online.

I started E-gurus to help entrepreneurs and brands like yours succeed online. I understand the effort it takes to run a business, and how critical digital media is for your brand to grow.  That is why as E-gurus, we commit 100% to our client’s online efforts.

 I love creating strategies to boost your online conversions, I love even more seeing those strategies generate results.   

What Our Clients Say

Our experience with Egurus can be summarized to three words: Team, professionalism and fun. As a resul, our digital transformation has been a nice journey with increasing rentability.

Mauricio Franco

Founder, Solventas LLC

I’ve had an exceptional experience with Egurus. Their commitment, guidance, dynamism and ability to handle my online ads have truly helped me achieve my business’ online goals. Thank you Egurus!

Damaris Estrada

CEO, Vilca LLC

Tony is the real deal. He’s talented, creative, and responsible. His knowledge of online marketing is first rate, and a help to any business wishing to grow their online presence.

Ian Clemens

CEO, Edaphos LLC